Our about Tricoloryork

Tricolor York is Colombian food that, through its typical flavors, seeks to delight to enchant other cultures: Flavor, music, joy and diversity are the fundamental dish of Caribbean cultures. Caribbean cultures, we represent this particular Colombian spirit with the ingredients of our food such as passion, love, Caribbean flavor and Latin folklore. Through these characteristics we seek to invite every foreigner and local to join us. foreigners and locals to get on this bus and taste the goodness that is Colombia.

Colombian Food
We are friendly, cheerful, passionate people who enjoy what we do, we give the best of us so that our customers have memorable experiences, we strive in every dish that comes out of our hands and the best reward is the happy faces of our customers.
Family and friendship are our main focus. We believe in honest hard work. Whatever is
especially if it is food, is always done with love and dedication. The consumer
is not just a customer, but a potential family member to be nurtured.
to feed.
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